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Shashi Tharoor - Top 75

Shashi Tharoor - Top 75


An interview with the Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information and India’s nominee for UN Secretary General

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The Secretary-General today confirmed his appointment of Shashi Tharoor of India as Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information with effect from 1 June.  Mr. Tharoor has, since January 2001, been serving as Interim Head of the Department of Public Information (DPI) at the Assistant-Secretary-General level

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On Time, Place and Space

“There is not a thing as the wrong place, or the wrong time. We are where we are at the only time we have. Perhaps it's where we're meant to be.”

On Multilateralism

"The United Nations is the preeminent institution of multilateralism. It provides a forum where sovereign states can come together to share burdens, address common problems, and seize common opportunities."

Universality of the UN

"Universality of the UN is a worthwhile thing in its own self because it means that every country belongs, feels it has a stake, and participates, rather than going away and finding other methods of conducting international relations."
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